The Jazz Fiction Project
Andy was born in NRW (Germany).

He started his musical beginnings at the age of 10 years. In the wild 60s, his father played drums in various beat bands. Later the musical enthusiasm of the father infected the son. Finally when the father brought a Hammond organ, Andy cannot stop to play. He also chose to play the guitar. In the 90s, andy work with his guitar in various rock bands. To make a parallel, solid way, he left his home town, went to Giessen, where he studied law. This was sinister for his early band „Kali Yuga“. The Band broke up. After Andy had hold his first band activities, he experimented with electronic instruments and composed a song after another. After successfully completing their sudies, he went to Hamburg and focused intensivley on the music. In 2004 he founded the Electronic Ensemble „Jazz Fiction“. Then he published the album „Winter Lounge“. In December 2007 with the music came the financial success. The debut album „Winter Lounge“ turned out to be, contrary to expectations, as a shooting star. Early 2008 the album break the Jazz top 10 in over eight countries of the iTunes Music Store. In Sweden and Denmark are ranked the first and second place of the genre charts. In his native Germany, he was won placings in the top 100 the album and single charts of the itunes store. Andy’s tracks, which were published not only by the name „Jazz Fiction“ are now on numerous lounge compilations, such as to find the „Chillout Classics“ on the iTunes Essential catalog. Also you can hear Andys music in various product commercials. Right now, Andy collaborate with some other artist and create new projects. The „Jazz Fiction“ remains considering.